Choosing a good domain name

How to choose a good domain name
on Wed 16 Dec

From choosing your domain name to actually attaching it to your business website, there are several factors to consider when setting up your web address. These days there are lots of sites offering domains at varying price levels, so we’re here to guide you through the process & get the domain that’s right for you.




Make it easy to type & spell


Thinking of using your name as your domain? If it’s a name that gets frequently misspelt, it’s might be better to consider other options. Using long, complicated or obscure spellings will only make it harder for your customers to find you, and Google may rank you lower than more relevant domains.


Keep it short


A snappy domain is much more likely to stick with your customers, and what brand doesn’t want to be memorable? A shorter name is not only quicker and easier to remember, but looks more appealing in the URL bar too.


Consider keeping it local


Targeting your local area can be highly beneficial depending on your industry, and can likely boost your search ranking if you get it right. For example, a plumber operating in the Hampshire area could use the domain Not only is this domain straight-forward, descriptive and memorable, but by including the local area Google is more likely to rank your site highly.


Protect your brand


Once you’ve bought a domain it’s a good idea to protect it, buying the .com and domain prevents anyone else from buying it, and essentially stops them from using the same or similar name as you.


Do your research


It’s not uncommon for domains to already be owned or trademarked by existing companies, even if they’re not actively hosting a website with it. If you think you’ve settled on a name, always do a little research to double check you won’t be out of pocket once you’ve bought your domain.




Use hyphens & numbers


It’s always easy to confuse these two when spelling out your domain to potential customers. Did you mean ‘five’ or ‘5’? Even if you do specify, your customer may not always remember. Hyphens can also get confused or misheard say, over the phone, so it’s better to leave them out.


Choose an unusual domain extension


We all recognise and trust most .com and extensions, however it is becoming more popular to see websites with extensions such as .me, .travel or .pro. While these may suit some websites and are generally cheaper, using obscure extensions can harm your website’s credibility, and therefore your business’s. Customers are less likely to trust your site or even remember the unusual extension you’ve chosen.




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